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3 Predictions for The Future of the Cannabis Industry

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The cannabis industry has come a long way – from being a banned substance in the U.S., to growing into a billion-dollar global market, the cannabis industry is on track for a very prosperous future. 

What does this mean for dispensary owners across the country?

Here is a look into the crystal ball – keep reading for 4 upcoming predictions that will likely impact the cannabis industry, and how dispensary owners can adapt accordingly to ride the growth wave.


Improved retail experience: Custom Dispensary Displays

Statistics reveal an illuminating fact – 18-to-29-year olds make up the largest % of cannabis smokers in the United States.

This Gen Z consumer segment is widely considered a generation of digital natives – shoppers whose consumption habits have been immensely influenced by the Internet and social networks. To continue to appeal to them, retail dispensaries must evolve to build stores that provide a differentiated omnichannel shopping experience.

Envision this: A unique, fully-branded retail experience with thoughtfully designed dispensary display cases showcasing the rich product story, history, and informative details for that in-person “look & feel” experience that cannot be replicated online.

Check out some of the best in class examples of dispensaries that have achieved that: Common Citizen and Fluresh.


Spotlight on Alternative Cannabinoid Products

CBD has been in the spotlight in recent years – however, there are many more cannabinoids like CBG, THCv, and others that have their own respective medicinal properties.

With the introduction of new alternative cannabinoid offerings, there will be a gap in consumer knowledge and understanding – and that is where retail can step in to fill the gap.

In-store experiential product sharing sessions, well-documented educational showcase displays, and more can help facilitate that learning in-store. Creating a fully custom fixture is key to making this experience suit your storefront’s storage and space needs, while also serving as a one-of-a-kind display that your customers won’t soon forget. 


Continued Legislative Action Anticipated

With more states jumping onto the bandwagon, the industry can expect a continuation of a flurry of competitors joining the industry. These prospective competitors are likely to take a leaf out of each other’s experiences and adopt best practices from the best in class.

On the retail front, dispensary owners can stay ahead of the curve with enhanced security via custom cannabis display cases that provide two key benefits: a safer environment for customers to shop in and secure cases to ensure product quality – both essential in giving the modern dispensary a good brand name!


Excited for The Future?

Is your dispensary well-positioned to ride the wave of these upcoming trends? 

At Showbest, our expert team has worked with some of the best dispensaries in the United States to create amazing retail experiences.

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