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3 Types of Retail Millwork to Elevate the In-Store Experience

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When it comes to enhancing in-store shopping experiences, visual merchandising is essential. Visual merchandising is the art of optimizing the various elements within the store, from the layout, ambiance, to displays to promote interest towards a purchase. 

While there are many ways to create this, displays are some of the most important features to focus on – and custom retail millwork can help you achieve your ideal customer experience in-store.

Customized Wall Shelving to Present Your Merchandise in Their Best Light

The idea of visual merchandising is to ensure your product looks its best. It’s essential to create eye-catching displays that not only can capture your customer’s attention but also present your products prominently.

One effective way to do so is to create custom shelving to display varying types of merchandise with the store. 

We worked with the Civil War Museum to do just this. Instead of using standard modular shelving, we created custom shelving to fit the different categories of merchandise:

  • Apparel had dedicated racks which allowed the shirts to be on full display with open cubbies at the bottom for easy access to the merchandise.
  • Books had customized shelf heights to allow for a neat, consistent display at a glance.

Unique Designs of Standalone Displays and Shelving Options to Attract Attention

After a trip to one too many shops, all sorts of displays and shelving options start to look the same, making it a lackluster experience for the shopper.

With uniquely designed standalone displays around the store that can attract their attention when they least expect it!

Jamestown Settlement Museum was looking to revamp their shopping experience in their on-site gift shop and took the opportunity to incorporate some unique designs to excite and enthrall customers in-store.

Here are some of the interesting standalone displays and shelving options they worked into their retail experience:

  • Eye-catching custom rotating hanging racks for jewelry and accessories customized with the same materials used throughout the shop for a constant look and feel 
  • A unique 360-degree circular shelving around a tree for soft animal toys to mimic the natural environment for the animals

Glass Displays with Safety Features for Dual Purpose

Selling expensive or valuable merchandise? Then your display options must be top-notch to present the products and come with safety features to ensure accessibility.

In the cannabis industry, ensuring the safety of the products is critical. And that is why our customer, Common Citizen, opted for customized glass displays that can fulfill both the purpose of presenting their merchandise beautifully while kept away safely under lock and key. 

Considering Some Retail Millwork for Your Store?

Want to elevate your store’s shopping experience with some custom millwork? Reach out to our team to have a friendly chat on how we can help you with that. Contact us today!

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