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6 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed the Shopping Experience

Category: Retail

In addition to the sanitary staples [masks, gloves, and hand sani] retailers are taking new measures to better protect both customers and employees.

Here are a few BIG ones we find interesting:

1) Goodbye Grab’n’Go Counter

If you have recently visited one of those large convenience store chains, like a WAWA , you may have noticed the self-serve coffee has been replaced by a barista of sorts. An individual pours your coffee and creamer, then hands you a lid and straw, as opposed to the free-for-all style previously employed. This new practice aims to decreasing the chances of transmitting viral infections via unprotected, unpackaged items.


2) Acrylic Galore

Both people and products are now semi-protected by acrylic “distancing partitions” or sneeze guards. Cashiers and customers now are faced with a three foot by ~ three foot acrylic square; with a cut-out at the bottom in order to scan goods and receive payment. Obviously nobody wants a sneeze to the face – however we must admit, this one creates a rather impersonal shopping experience.


3) Separation Nation

Fresh produce and items such as dairy or eggs are now merchandised behind giant transparent barriers which cover the front of the refrigerated displays and only accessible by opening a large door. These enclosures protect products from a passerby’s cough or sneeze.

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