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Beat The Competition With These 3 Dispensary Design Tips

Category: Cannabis

The rapidly growing cannabis industry is continuing to evolve at an incredible pace. With more and more states pushing to legalize cannabis, new dispensaries are looking for ways to stand out from the competition. Not only do well-designed stores attract more customers, but studies show that customers are more likely to spend more on impulse buys from retail stores with a better atmosphere. Looking for some inspiration? Below, check out our top 3 ways to make your dispensary stand out from the crowd.

1. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Looking to create an upscale feeling experience? Ensuring that your products are displayed properly is the first step. The best way to showcase your diverse product selection is through customizable cannabis displays like the Budder Groove System™. This system  is a merchandising kit of parts designed to address the unique retail needs of the cannabis industry and allows dispensary owners to easily configure  their display to over 500 variations. We utilized this revolutionary system in our recent work with Cloud Cannabis Co. to create an organized and airy feeling design.  

2. Use the best materials for your displays

First impressions matter. While it’s true that supply chain disruptions have made it difficult to source the best materials at low prices, ensuring that you utilize high quality materials is an investment that is worth it in terms of durability and overall design. 

 This welcome desk we designed for LIV Cannabis is a perfect example of the difference quality materials can make on the overall aesthetic of your store. 

3. Be True To Your Brand

As the owner of a dispensary, you know what your customers like and why they continue to  return to your store instead of the many other competitors out there. To make your dispensary stand out, you must cater your design and product selection to your overall brand. 

This High Times display in San Bernardino, CA utilized standing fixtures with personalized illustrations on them to tie the brand’s bright and fun personality into their store. 

Ready to get started? Showbest has been helping dispensaries stand out among the competition for years. If you want to be as effective at driving sales as possible, then every detail from product placement to signage should reflect how people think during each stage of the purchasing process. Reach out today for a quote

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