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Bouncing Back After COVID-19: How to Refresh your Storefront with Custom Display Cases

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Retailers across the nation recognize the significant adverse impact that the COVID-19 outbreak had on businesses, both large and small. Countless places have shut down for good as a direct result, and many others are working hard to rebound from the severe setback. Now, if you are one of those retailers who did survive the financial burdens and hindrances since March 2020, then you may be wondering just how you can bounce back and begin growing again.

Though there are quite a few things you can do, such as optimizing safety to entice customers to come in again, one area you should focus on aesthetic wise is your storefront. Your storefront display cases will provide the first impressions of your store that people passing by will see, and with some upgraded custom millwork, it can be the very investment that gets you back on the right path to business prosperity post-pandemic. 

Why Invest in Custom Millwork?
Custom millwork is a powerful way for you to get your retail store to stand out from its competition. By having one of a kind storefront display cases made, you are guaranteeing your branding image to be different from those around you. No one else will have the same design as you do, and that uniqueness is a key way to stand out and draw people to your business. People like authenticity, and when they shop somewhere, they enjoy feeling like they are not in a “cookie-cutter” store that is just like all the rest. And with storefronts being the first thing potential customers see, showing them that you are different right from the start will motivate them to see what else you have to offer.

Other Things You Can Do to Improve Since COVID-19
Yes, visuals matter quite a lot, but there are some other coinciding things you can do as well to not only get customers to walk through the door, but keep coming back.

  • Redesign your store layout to be socially distant, proving that the store’s values are prioritizing safety
  • Install more touch-free services, such as using Apple Pay machines to reduce surface touching.
  • Reduce staff sizes to reduce spread if need be to instill more confidence in both them and customers. 
  • Purchase counter glass/clear plastic shields like our Sneeze Guards, that provide a barrier between customers and employees during check out. 
  • Going back to displays, think about creating stories and themes with your products instead of merely just showcasing them. The more stimulating you can make it in this regard, the better.

 Conclusion – Upgrade with Custom Display Cases
After months of social distancing, staying home, and health concerns, the nation has slowly given businesses the green light to reopen. And with that established, a mad dash for COVID-19 surviving retailers to get back into a good routine that drives thriving business, getting them out of the dust that the pandemic left behind. But if there is one thing for sure, with no vaccine yet in place, people are still nervous to get back to “normal” life again. But as long as you make the right protocol changes to optimize safety and revamp your storefront with new custom display cases that attract, you’ll be able to get back into a reliable workflow that finally makes your store stable again.

Remember, this pandemic hit everyone hard, but that does not mean you cannot bounce back from it. You’ve made it this far, so keep working to advance your store, and watch how your innovative efforts pay off as a result. If you’re looking for custom display cases for your storefront, Showbest is here to help! Contact us to learn more about what we can do to make your retail display feeling fresh for post-pandemic success. 

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