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Engineering is one of the most critical steps in our process. Our skilled and experienced engineering team works to turn our client’s idea, a rough sketch, or architectural drawings into a reality. Our goal is to formulate the best way to create a product without interfering with the look of the design.

Our client relationships are a priority and our engineering process is designed to put our client’s vision first. We work with them to make their dream come to life while making strategic engineering decisions to ensure sustainability and quality. From there, prototypes are created and sent to our client for revision.

We use cutting edge technology and software programs such as Autocad and Inventor to perfect our 3D mechanical design, simulation, visualization, and documentation processes. These programs allow for 3-D modeling, and expanded diagrams which help our partners visualize how the parts come together.


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We work with a variety of businesses and institutions around the world. While our end product is customized for each client, our process and genuine customer experience remains the same.

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