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Evolving XpresCheck: America’s first Airline COVID Testing Centers

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(Photo of Logan Airport from Jesse Costa/WBUR)

In August of 2020, Showbest officially announced our partnership with XpresSpa to launch the first ever airport COVID testing center in the U.S., XpresCheck, within John F. Kennedy International Airport. This pop-up COVID testing center, located in terminal 4, opened for testing for JFK terminal employees, airport workers, contractors, airline employees, and served as a beacon of hope for the future of travel.

This first pop-up style testing center consisted of 9 rooms with the capacity to screen up to 500 people per day with on-site results. Showbest was contracted to plan, manufacture, and ship each testing cubicle on a 5-day lead time. Each testing site consisted of a suite of connected rooms, custom woodworked to fit the assigned area of the testing center within the airport.

After the successful first launch within JFK, several other testing centers within airports across the country were added. As with all of our recurring projects, our testing centers evolved and became more and more innovative over time. Our original design, constructed with a tight timeline for the particular space, consisted of custom wood panels that were fastened together and to the floor. However, as the project expanded to other airports across the country, a new scalable modular design was needed.

The new modular testing center design consists of stand-alone systems, similar to fitting rooms, using an aluminum framing system. Our new design allows for a more customizable design as spacing permits differ for each airport. Each modular testing center can be ordered individually, layouts can vary, and airports can order additional centers without impacting the overall system. Along with a customizable layout, we added visual customization, incorporating branded XpresCheck screens around the perimeter of the testing centers. Overall, this modular design provided more flexibility, quicker installation, and more brand recognition for the client.


To date, we have completed a significant number of testing centers throughout several national airports, including JFK, EWR, BOS, DEN, and SLC, some housing multiple testing centers within them. We are excited to continue to work with XpresSpa/XpresCheck to create innovative solutions to keep passengers and frontline workers safe during the pandemic.

If your company is looking for creative solutions for enhanced COVID-19 safety, Showbest is here to help. Reach out for custom solutions for your business, or check out our Sneeze Guards, which are now available for purchase on our website.

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