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From Hoka to KUHL: Showbest’s Thoughts on Custom Retail Fixtures within Outdoor Retail

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In an era where online shopping dominates, a well-designed retail space with displays that grab customers’ attention and encourage them to stay longer can directly affect their purchase decisions. This is particularly true within outdoor retail, where visual and tactile inputs are often needed to adequately portray the quality and value of a particular product. In this blog post, Showbest offers feedback and recommendations on how three prominent outdoor retail companies can continue to dominate their respective markets through thoughtful physical retail experiences.

As a leading provider of custom retail fixtures in the U.S, Showbest understands the importance of visual merchandising in influencing purchasing decisions. With extensive experience across industries such as airports, retail, cannabis, education, and restaurants, we draw upon our expertise to create displays that leave a great first impression.

Hoka is a brand dedicated to inspiring runners of any experience, whether it’s their first time hitting the road or training for their next marathon. Hoka’s displays feature bright colors and illustrations of local cities and landmarks. At Showbest, we understand that the aesthetics and goals of each company are unique. We draw upon unique elements to make the displays feel authentic to the company’s vision. For Hoka, we might incorporate natural wood elements to tie in with the nature that their customers experience while running or walking in the great outdoors.

Black Rifle
Black Rifle is an American-made, high-quality coffee retailer founded by veterans who value serving coffee with a purpose and are committed to giving back to veterans and the community. Their brand offers a rustic, masculine aesthetic that is both unique and captivating but also leans towards darker color tones that get lost in low-light situations. Showbest would enhance its displays by incorporating LED lighting to catch customers’ eyes without losing the rustic aesthetic. We would also recommend spreading out the products to create breathing room and reduce the overwhelmed feeling consumers often experience when there is too much trying to capture their attention.

KUHL is a high-quality brand that produces outdoor products for any activity in any season. The brand encourages exploration of the great outdoors and offers everything from clothing to packs to hats. The displays are often simply made of a mixture of wood and metal elements, embodying the spirit of their attire – sturdy and well-made. Showbest would add stone elements to enhance their appearance and give them a more high-end feel and quality while tying in the company’s logo and “cold weather” gear vibe.

At Showbest, we take pride in our expertise in the retail industry. We understand that each company has a unique brand and image, and we work with our clients to bring their visions to life while ensuring they stand out in the physical retail space. If you have an outdoor brand and want to bring it to life or dominate your competitors in a retail space, Showbest can help you create a plan and design that fits your brand’s aesthetic. Our expertise in custom retail fixtures can help you create displays that stand out and attract customers to your physical retail space. Contact us to see how we can help design your retail displays and position your brand for success.


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