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High-End Restaurant Designs: 3 Design Fixtures That Takes Your Restaurant to The Next Level

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When it comes to dining out at a high-end restaurant, the ambiance and decor of the restaurants play as much a role as the food does in the overall customer experience. Want to elevate your restaurant design with high-end fixtures to attract your ideal clientele? The first step, apart from ensuring a great menu, is to get your visual appeal right – which is not very hard to achieve!

Read on to learn which 3 simple design fixtures to consider incorporating into your restaurant designs. 

Unique Custom Bar (Visual Centerpiece)

 High-end dining is at its core, a multi-sensory experience – for the eyes, ears, and palate. But in the age of social media, for many diners, the visual element becomes more important than ever – seeking to share exceptional aesthetics of the environment or food.

That’s why at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood restaurant, the restaurant design is incredibly well thought out to create that luxurious dining experience with top-shelf custom-made fixtures and furnishings.

One of the standout pieces is the customized bar that is the visual centerpiece of the restaurant. Made of a solid wood walnut bar top, built-in wooden panels, and features to showcase the stunning collection of beverages and integrated with innovative engineering mechanisms to accommodate handicapped diners – it is the epitome of attention to detail that is expected in such high-end establishments.

Custom Built Display Shelving
 In a day and age where dining out isn’t just about having your meal at your table and being done with it, restaurants (high-end ones included) are increasingly looking for ways to deliver unique experiences for their clientele.

One example of a great restaurant chain that has done so is Cooper Hawk – with their unique features and layouts across the eight locations that Showbest has helped create.

Here are some of the ways that they have incorporate unique design fixtures into their stores:

  • Custom-built displays in specially zoned sections for retail shopping
  • Unique display shelving behind checkouts to grab the eye of the customer
  • Instagram worthy wall of wine bottles – achieved by a custom wine rack shelving

Custom Detailing
In contrast with the previous two examples, sometimes it’s the small details that build up to an exceptional atmosphere and experience.

And that is the case for The Capital Burger. In looking to create an on-brand experience at their restaurant, Showbest helped to create unique custom fixtures such as: 

  • Incorporating custom metal for the back bar of the restaurant
  • Building in a feathered ceiling element
  • Customized solid walnut millwork 


Take the Next Step
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