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How to Choose the Best Display Cases for Your Retail Store Front

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According to researchers Dr. Erica Keeps, Dr. Harold Stolovitch, and Dr. L.D. Rosenblum, the breakdown of how people sense the world around them is as follows:

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There is no doubt that humans are highly visual creatures by nature, which is good news for your retail store if you have the best display cases on the market! If you are stuck on which direction to go when designing an attractive storefront that catches customers’ eyes, then here are some essential tips to support you on your mission to obtain the best display cases for your needs.  

Assess Your Needs
Before anything else, take some time to nail down what your actual needs are. Look around the space you have to work with and think about the goals you are looking to accomplish. It might even help to take measurements so you know exactly what you’re working with. Do you need your display case to be versatile? Transportable? Adjustable? With the vast range of available display cases, answering these questions first will help you pinpoint the path to take to get the best results efficiently.

 Think About the Products You Are Featuring
Not all display cases are created equally when it comes to the types of products they can showcase well. Because there are so many industries and products that require specific display cases, here is a quick breakdown:

  • Jewelry and other small items – Consider LED lighted jewelry showcases, flush based hexagonal display cases, and pedestal jewelry cases
  • Fashion accessories like handbags and shoes – Full vision cases, slim-line towers, and wall display cases work well.
  • Art and small home décor – Try out corner displays, slim-line and fine-line towners, and even countertop displays.

Make sure that your retail storefront display attracts all the right customers and displays your products well, but is not so specific that it might turn away window shoppers. In other words, be sure to think about your target audience as a combination of on-a-mission shoppers and browsers who might be introduced to your product for the first time if you can get them in the door. 

The Perfect Finish
By this point, you have picked the ideal display and are ready to get started. The next priority is the finish. This is a critical part of tying the look together perfectly! Think about the look you’re going for and what you’re trying to showcase. Finishes come in various options, from streamlined black, grey, neutral, to vibrant white.

If you want to be eye-popping, go with clean white. If you want it to look warmer and inviting, try neutral. And if you have vibrant colors going up, consider black to make them stand out even more. 

Conclusion – Take Your Time and Choose Wisely
Choosing the best display cases for your retail storefront is an integral decision. As the likely first impression of your store, you’ll want your displays to look as sharp as possible and work for your particular industry. Do your due diligence with planning (marketing, location, and style-wise), and you’ll have all the right tools to choose the best display cases for your store and drive business growth. In the end, take your time, choose wisely, and always remember that the effort you put in right now means value in the long run!

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