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How to Transform Your Retail Store for the Modern Shopper

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According to a McKinsey’s 2019 report, the prophecies of the decline of the brick and mortar stores are overly exaggerated – with e-commerce forecasted to account for only 21% of retail sales.

The truth is there are still immense opportunities in retail – that is if retailers adapt accordingly to the new digital-first landscape and transform their storefronts to meet the needs of the modern shopper.

Here are some tips to help your business thrive in this evolving world:

Differentiated Experience with Custom Retail Display Cases and Fixtures
Today’s customers want everything – which means the best of both of the worlds of e-commerce and physical stores.

To remain competitive, physical stores simply need to deliver the part of the shopping experience that online retail cannot replicate – the ability to see, experience, and feel products in-person. Designing fully customized retail fixtures that efficiently display product and direct customers throughout the store is a great place to start. 

From fully branded and immersive retail experiences to simple but innovative merchandising that captures the attention of target clientele, brands can elevate the in-store shopping experience for consumers with custom displays. Best of all, they’ll also keep them coming back for more.

See some examples here: American Eagle and Civil War Museum

Incorporate Social Spaces in Your Shopfront
Retail spaces are increasingly doubling up as destinations for community-driven social interaction. Think of Ikea, where consumers visit not only to shop for furniture but also to have a meal at the in-store café or even bring their kids to the play area.
Wondering what types of social spaces can work with your storefront to encourage consumers to stay? Here are some ideas:

  • Cafes or coffee bars that allow consumers to rest and recharge while out on a shopping spree
  • Comfortable relaxing spaces to chill at their own pace while shopping in-store or a hotspot for having conversations with friends

Design for a Seamless Omni-Channel Offering
There is no escaping from the digital channel. The future belongs to retailers who can successfully create a seamless omnichannel offering for shoppers.
Here are some ways that retailers of today have designed their storefronts deliberately to incorporate a convenient transition between digital and physical shopping experiences:

  • Interactive social walls – Take a picture and share it with the branded hashtag to see your photo up on the social wall in-store! The display not only generates incredible user-generated content on the brand’s social media but also offers an interactive experience in-store.
  • Smart mirrors – Some apparel stores are offering unique “try on” experiences with interactive smart mirrors which allows you to “try on” clothes while browsing an online catalog. How efficient!
  • Click and collect – Many brands are embracing the omnichannel experience by offering consumers the option to buy online and pick up the products in-store – saving them the delivery fees! This in turn helps to drive traffic and follow-up sales in-store.

Reinventing the Retail Store for the Future
Are you ready to up your game for the future?
At Showbest, our expert retail merchandising team has worked with some of the best retail brands globally like Adidas, Clinique, Estee Lauder, and more, to reinvent their shopfront experiences.
Let us help you create a richer shopping experience for your customers that is future-ready. Contact us today!

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