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Our Partnership With Budder Creative

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We’re excited to share our partnership with cannabis creative agency, Budder. Budder is an award-winning boutique agency based in Philadelphia that specializes in branding, packaging and retail solutions made specifically for the cannabis industry. 

Budder was founded by Laksman Frank and Michael Marra in 2018. With Frank’s background in branding and Marra’s background in retail, Budder was created as a holistic solution to bridge the gap between a dispensary’s visual identity and its unique merchandising and storefront needs. From the logo to the welcome desk to the product labels, Budder ensures that each detail is unique, thoughtful, and memorable. 

With cannabis being a relatively new industry, innovative merchandising solutions for the many different cannabis products and accessories had yet to be developed. Many dispensaries were still utilizing standard shelving and large display jars to house products, and relying heavily on the “budtenders” to tell the story of the products to land the sale. Budder’s approach to visual merchandising is aimed at opening the conversation, making product information more readily available to the customer, and creating a more intimate and personal shopping experience. This is where Budder decided to innovate, creating their revolutionary retail cannabis solution, the Budder Groove System™

Showbest has partnered with Budder to manufacture the system, adding this revolutionary system to its list of merchandising solutions for our cannabis clients. The Budder Groove System™ is a merchandising kit of parts designed to address the unique retail needs of the cannabis industry. The kit features a grooved base that allows for simple plug-and-play merchandising capable of creating 500+ different configurations, designed to be fully customizable, affordable, and updatable as the business evolves. The system can display products such as cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, vapes, and other specialty items and accessories. With three different display options (on the counter, under the counter, and 360 degrees), the information is accessible, the product stays safe, and merchandising stays on brand. 

Together, we have already brought this exciting solution to clients like Cloud Cannabis, Native Sun, Kalifa Kush, and Mary Jae. We’re excited to be a part of innovation within the industry and help bring more customization to cannabis display. 


Interested to learn more about how the Budder Groove System™ can elevate your dispensary experience? Contact us today to learn more and place an order. 


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