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Retail Displays Throughout The Years

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It’s the holiday season, and many people spend much of their time shopping for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. As people shop around popular retail stores, they’ll be drawn to the carefully and beautifully crafted displays and fixture setups showcasing the brand’s popular and in-demand merchandise. At Showbest, we strategically design these eye-catching fixtures to entice visitors and encourage sales. These are just a few highlights of projects we’ve accomplished throughout the years. 

American Eagle
American Eagle has been one of the largest clothing retailers that offer trending, high-quality clothing and personal care across the globe for the last few decades. We managed to build a business relationship early in their initial development and launch stages. We are proud to have been chosen to build display tables, perimeter walls, and more to bring a more modern feel and upscale experience to their shoppers. We have completed over 3,500 stores with five different design programs throughout our partnership.

As a secondary brand for XWell, Showbest was contacted to help with their new venture, Treat. Treat is an innovative travel, health, and wellness brand that provides medical care, testing, and physical fitness centers for comprehensive health exams in airports across the united states. The wellness centers allow travelers to care for medical needs or stretch as they await their next flight. It has helped create modern and inviting designs for multiple airports across the US.  

Grind City
Showbest has a longstanding partnership with Paradies Lagardère, a major travel and airport retailer. Through this partnership, we were asked to help launch Grind City, a new airport convenience store within the Memphis airport. This project required a quick turnaround, and we partnered with Norris Design Group to help design the concept desired. Building and installing within airports require strict rules and regulations as the design and build move forward. Each freestanding steel structure was designed and bolted together before shipping to the site to ensure there was no need for welding within the airport. The unique task was executed on time for the opening in February 2022, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and functional design for airport convenience.  

Civil War Museum
In early 2019, 3 North reached out to Showbest to help with the fabrication and build of the redesign of the Civil War Museum. The Museums structure was designed around the remains of Tredegar, a designated iron works during the Civil War. Showbest’s design team partnered with the architects of 3 North and designed the fixtures to complement the building and it’s existing structures by integrating white oak, black powder-coated steel, and white acrylic. The design of the structures created an aesthetic that captured the feel and ambiance of the factory during this critical time in American history.

Jamestown Settlement Gift Store
The Jamestown Yorktown Foundation reached out to Showbest in 2018, intending to enhance the shopping experience for the Jamestown Settlement museum. Partnering with Charles Sparks and Company, this project required detailed and innovative custom designs created from high-end materials to create a one-of-a-kind retail experience. The gift store opened in 2021 with no delays, within budget, and with great feedback from shoppers.

As the year wraps up and plans are in the works for the next year’s strategies, allow Showbest to help you design the perfect project for your retail needs. Contact us to learn more about starting your project today!

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