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Showbest’s Commitment to Innovation: Supporting the Future of Robotics

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At Showbest, our dedication to innovation extends beyond crafting premier retail displays; it reaches into the heart of community and education. This year, we proudly sponsored 1st Robotics, a prestigious competition that gathers the brightest young minds in robotics from across the globe. Out of 3,500 teams worldwide, 600 fiercely competed for the championship title in Houston, Texas, with Showbest supporting the top teams from the Virginia, Maryland, and DC regions.

Event Highlights

The 2023 1st Robotics Competition was a spectacle of young talent and engineering precision, held in Houston on April 17th and 18th. Showbest played a crucial role by assisting nine exceptional teams from 1st Chesapeake with the complex logistics of transporting their intricate 3’ x 3’ robots and the essential “pit” setups needed for the competition. Given the tight four-day window to prepare for the event, the logistical challenge was formidable.

Team Support

Thanks to long-standing support for 1st Robotics, Showbest president, Scott Schubert, and the Showbest team adeptly ensured all robotics arrived on time and in perfect condition. Nate Laverdue, Director of the Intentional Innovation Foundation—a non-profit dedicated to fostering youth involvement in engineering—remarked, “Showbest solved a massive logistical headache and graciously covered the expenses involved.”

The teams that benefited from Showbest’s support included:

  • Team 346 RoboHawks from Lloyd C. Bird High School, Richmond, VA
  • Team 539 Titan Robotics from Trinity Episcopal School, Richmond, VA
  • Team 888 Robotiators from Glenelg High School, Glenelg, MD
  • Team 2068 Metal Jackets from Osbourn Park High School, Manassas, VA
  • Team 3136 ORCA from Patrick Henry High School, Ashland, VA
  • Team 4099 Falcons from Poolesville, MD
  • Team 4828 RoboEagles from Raleigh, NC
  • Team 5587 Titan Robotics from Alexandria City High School, Alexandria, VA
  • Rookie Team 9403 Starstuff from St. Stephen & St. Agnes School, Alexandria, VA

A Brighter, More Innovative Future

This initiative not only underscores Showbest’s commitment to supporting educational programs that cultivate future innovators but also our belief in the importance of community involvement. By facilitating these teams’ participation in a world-class event, we help spotlight the importance of technology and teamwork in educational development. Follow 1st Chesapeake and the International Innovation Foundation for updates on this inspiring journey into the world of youth robotics. Join us in cheering for these young innovators, who represent the bright future of technology and engineering. Together, we’re shaping a brighter, more innovative future.

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