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The Top 3 Custom Details You Need For Your New Dispensary Displays

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As the legal cannabis industry continues to grow, and new dispensaries pop up every few blocks, consumers are faced with more options than ever. The normalization of the industry has resulted in 76% of consumers now expecting a traditional retail shopping experience when shopping for cannabis.

Want your dispensary to stand out from the crowd? Here are 3 simple ways you can optimize your dispensary displays to capture your customers’ attention. 

The Apothecarium is an example of custom shelving done right. With an overall clean and minimalist interior design, we worked with The Apothecarium to develop a unique collection of custom millwork, metal, and stone displays for optimal visual impact that also aligned with their storage needs.


  1. Custom Shelving for Eye-Catching Displays

One of the first things that will catch the eye of your consumer as they walk through the door is product shelving. 

Instead of using traditional standard shelving that might end up being at odds with the overall decor, opt for a more visually appealing design that will seamlessly blend with the theme of the store. This makes for a more interactive shopping experience and increased brand recognition. 


This Common Citizen welcome desk is the perfect example of a display that feels modern, yet warm. 


  1. Visually Striking Welcome Desk 

For the in-store shopping experience, first impressions matter. One of the most important aspects of a dispensary is the welcome desk. A clean, professional welcome desk invites customers into the store and sets the mood for how their shopping experience will be. 


  1. Plug-and-Play Visual Merchandising for Cannabis Products

The days of displaying cannabis products in glass jars are no longer. Customers expect a fully custom experience that allows them to tangibly interact with the products. With the plug-and-play Budder Groove System, dispensaries are able to customize their visual merchandising displays with up to 500+ different configurations for your specific needs.

Suitable for on-counter, under-counter, and 360-degree displays, you can easily change up your displays to showcase the latest products – all with minimal effort and no extra cost. 

Want to learn more about how the Budder Groove System can work for your needs? Learn more about our partnership with Budder here


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