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Top Design Trends for Retail Cannabis Display

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Thanks to the rapid growth of the billion-dollar cannabis industry, a new class of well-designed, modern dispensaries are emerging to cater to the everyday cannabis consumer. 

Want to keep up with the trends? Here are the top design trends that more dispensaries are embracing in their bid to continue attracting customers to their shops.

Industrial Modern Trend 

The stripped-back and raw unfinished look of the industrial aesthetic has been a popular interior design trend in recent years.

With dispensaries looking to leave behind their dreary and shady past, industrial design is perfect for a modern new look. 

How to Get the Look?

  • Leave parts of the building exposed like pipes, beams, or brick walls where relevant. 
  • Incorporate metal finishes in the display or merchandising fixtures.
  • Adhere to a natural neutral palette where possible.

Touchless Fixtures and Merchandising Solutions with Anti-Microbial Finishes

More retail spaces are adopting touchless fixtures and merchandising solutions with anti-microbial finishes as a means to reassure customers of the hygiene within the stores – and dispensaries are no exception. 

From having your dispensary countertops or checkout points coated with anti-microbial finishes to using touchless displays where the product is accessible by smell but not touch, helps to create much safer spaces for your clients in this age of COVID.

Looking for more ideas to help keep your employees and customers safe during the pandemic? Showbest now offers Sneeze Guards – check them out on our site to learn more. 

Modular Store Fixtures

When designing your dispensary, take into consideration that you might want to refresh the look of the store every quarter or so. 

This is where modular store fixtures come into play. Having modular shelving and displays allows retailers to change up their display on a whim by simply removing or adding a new module – instead of overhauling the whole fixture each time. 

This isn’t just something that we recommend to our cannabis clients – check out our XpresCheck COVID testing centers in collaboration with XpresSpa to learn more about the amazing functional capabilities with modular fitting rooms or testing booths. 

Excited About These Design Trends?

Keen to give your existing dispensary the facelift it deserves? Or want to help your new joint stand out from the crowd? Showbest is here to help with your display and merchandising needs. Drop us a message and let’s get started.

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