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Treat Wins 2021 Store of the Year for JFK Airport Project

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As a brilliant pivot from XpresCheck COVID testing centers, the airport spa brand XWELL (formerly XpresSpa) has revamped and expanded the model to medical and wellness centers called Treat. XWELL’s suite of brands includes XpresSpa®, Treat™, XpresCheck®, and HyperPointe, which all offer health and wellness services to travelers on the go. 

The first of three locations launched in 2021 in New York’s JFK airport. The Retail Design Institute recently named this location their 2021 Store of the Year. Here’s what you should know about the process of bringing this store to life and what to expect from Treat, which could be coming to an airport near you! 

What is Treat?
Treat focuses on healthcare and wellness on the go. It’s cultivated three 24/7 wellness centers in the John F. Kennedy International, Phoenix Sky Harbor International, and Salt Lake City International airports to provide medical care, travel testing, wellness therapies, and thoughtful curation of retail items. 

If you’re wondering “What kind of medical care or wellness therapy could you possibly get at the airport? Why wouldn’t you just go before or after in the city you are in?” 

Treat fills a gap in the industry as well as “dead” time for travelers. Whether you need to get a flu shot before seeing your newborn niece or nephew or want to squeeze in a yoga session so you feel your best, Treat has you covered. It’s the first fully integrated in-airport spa and wellness concept. 

Even if you’re not much of a wellness guru, anyone can benefit from Treat’s accessible healthcare. COVID-19 cases are anticipated to soar this winter. Get a PCR test before your flight, and keep your body hydrated with an IV infusion to prevent cold and flu symptoms. They make it that simple!

Treat: The Retail Design Institute’s 2021 Store of the Year
The JFK Treat location — the first of the three — was named The Retail Design Institute’s 2021 Store of the Year

The Retail Design Institute consists of the retail industry’s creative professionals. Their membership includes architects, brand strategists, educators, graphic designers, interior designers, lighting designers, resource designers, store planners, students of design, trade partners, trade media, and visual merchandisers. 

As part of RDI’s Class of 2021, Treat stands among innovative outliers in the retail industry. 

What Set Treat Apart
What made Treat an outlier in the retail space? To transform their spaces from the XpresCheck COVID testing centers to a truly spa-like experience, XpresSpa (Treat’s parent) reached out to Showbest. 

To transform the space, Showbest manufactured and installed key features like: 

  • Solid maple side tables and stools
  • Yoga mat holders
  • Cabinetry
  • Maple wardrobes with curved openings 
  • Custom credenza made with laminate, powder-coated steel, and quartz top
  • And much more!

The RDI competition judges applauded features like the warm color and materials palette in colors like rose beige, brown, and bonze. They also noted the cohesive fixture design that created a healing and relaxing atmosphere for guests. Showbest’s use of materials was intentional — optimizing durability without sacrificing Treat’s spa look and feel.  

Final Thoughts
Do you have an airport retail experience like Treat that you’re interested in launching? Showbest is ready to partner with you. Visit here to learn more and request a quote.  


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