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Why Investing in Custom Cannabis Display Cases for Your Dispensary is a Must

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With marijuana legalized in more than half the states in America, the prospects for the industry are clearly on an upward trend. In fact, 5 states joined the bandwagon this past election day.
States that have legalized recreational marijuana on November 3rd include: 

  1. New Jersey
  2. Arizona
  3. South Dakota
  4. Montana
  5. Mississippi 

With a flourishing home market to cater to, this presents incredible opportunities for new and existing dispensary owner alike to capture more wallet share. And how might one do so amidst such intense competition? The key is to invest in improving your retail experience for the customer, as we’ve done for several dispensaries in Arizona, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Starting from the basics – with custom cannabis display cases that come with a wealth of benefits for enhancing the customer experience. 

Enhanced Security
Using custom cannabis display cases as a means to enhance security in the store can help boost confidence in the brand on two fronts:

  • Safer Retail Environment: Cash intensive businesses like cannabis dispensaries tend to suffer from higher than normal robbery or burglary incidences. Hence, having customized secure cannabis display cases in the retail store not only helps deter theft but also gives the added benefit of assurance of being in a much safer retail environment to shop in.
  • Brand & Product Alignment to Regulatory Standards: The visual presence of secure showcases helps give customers confidence that the dispensary is in alignment with regulatory standards. Especially important when attracting new or first-time customers.

 Preserve Product Integrity
Unlike other traditional retail products, some cannabis merchandise is sensitive to heat and light. As such, discerning customers looking for quality products will be able to appreciate if a dispensary is utilizing specially designed displays for their products.
At the end of the day, the product is king – and you want to make sure the display (or lack thereof) does not affect the quality of the product.

 Elevated Product Presentation
When it comes to selling a brand, a product, visual presentation matters. The ability to highlight the product in the most appealing way possible and attract the attention of customers into the store is key to capturing more sales.
You will be surprised how a simple combination of flattering lighting and glare resistant glass can help enhance the value of your product.

 Differentiated Retail Experience
When it comes to customer engagement for the cannabis industry, there is nothing more important than the retail experience. It is one of the most critical touchpoints for dispensary clients because of the regulations on other above the line marketing channels.
As a result, creating a differentiated and fully branded retail experience is key to attracting and retaining customers for your dispensary.
And that is where thoughtful custom display cases and merchandising display fixtures come into play – providing a consistent brand experience throughout the journey in-store.

 Invest in Custom Cannabis Display Cases Today!
Ready to upgrade and elevate your store experience for the future?
From semi-custom full vision 360-degree view tempered glass display cases with LED lighting to entirely customized showcases unique to your brand story, our experts at Showbest are ever ready to help bring your vision to life.
Check out some of our cannabis dispensary projects here, and contact us when you’re ready to start creating your new display cases! 

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