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4 Essential Dispensary Fixtures for Today’s Cannabis Retail Shop

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With the increasing legalization and popularity of marijuana, dispensaries have since evolved into well-thought-out destinations for newcomers and regulars alike to explore cannabis culture.

Looking to keep up with the new wave of modern cannabis dispensaries? Here are 4 must-have dispensary store fixtures to consider incorporating into your shop.

Welcome Desk

An essential front-of-store fixture to help set the right tone as customers enter the dispensary. Imagine guests making their way through the front door and are greeted at the entryway by a custom-made reception counter where your staff can help to guide them around the store and put new clients at ease. In a highly competitive commodity industry where service does make a difference, it is vital to create a great first impression for customers to help boost your brand. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, a visually stunning welcome desk can do the job. Whether your brand is going for something modern, minimalist, or eclectic, it can be customized to match your interiors perfectly.

Lounge Area

Studies show that the longer a customers shop, the more they spend. Looking to entice your customers to hang around the store longer? Whether you want to provide a more comfortable shopping experience or create an appealing common area for customers to be properly screened before entering the store, you can achieve that easily by creating a lounge area.

Don’t underestimate how the right fixtures can help create the right ambiance for your lounge. For instance, high bar stools, counters, and custom brass fixtures could create a speakeasy-like ambiance for guests to relax. Alternatively, privacy partitions could create booth areas for more private discussions or to indulge in the products.

Open Shelving 

Like the idea of having your customers able to see, touch, and try all the various types of products you have on sale? Then open shelving is a must-have in your store. 

Not only will it help the customers in getting a quick understanding of the products you offer, but also allow them to quickly interact with the products first-hand – particularly with testers provided. This encourages a certain level of self-service, freeing up your staff for more meaningful interactions.

Display Counters That Double Up as Consultation Stations

Last but not least, for more expensive products that are not suitable for open-shelf displays, customized glass or acrylic displays are a good alternative.

Apart from allowing customers to get a clear view of the products on display and keep the products safe, the counters also can double up as a consultation counter with your staff, inviting inquiry and conversation about the products on display.

Interested in Incorporating Your Dispensary with These Essential Fixtures and More?

At Showbest, our expert retail merchandising team has worked with some of the best cannabis brands within America like Common Citizen, Fluresh, The Apothecarium Dispensary to custom create dispensary store fixtures that fit their needs.

Let us help you think about the right design for your store and needs. Contact us today!

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