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Emerging Market: Dispensary Display Cases

Category: Retail

Approximately half of the United States has legalized marijuana, so it is no wonder the cannabis industry is experiencing booming growth right now. In fact, it is expected that by the year 2027, this current 9.7 billion dollar industry will jump to 47.3 billion.

This is a silver lining for the retail sector, and, as a result, the doors of creativity are being opened within the design of both medical and recreational dispensaries. More specifically the design of the showcases that hold cannabis is being altered to maximize visual appeal, generate brand awareness, and out-do the competition. This push for innovation and creativity is likely the result of a combination of factors:  uniqueness of the emerging market, the novelty of this product in a retail setting, and the constraints on how products can be displayed through state regulations. 

Showbest created these custom display cases for Fluresh Dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Benefits of Dispensary Display Cases
First and foremost, display cases should enhance the value of the merchandise. In the retail cannabis market, the design, in combination with the finishes used, can provide a sensation about the quality of the product and the effects it may produce when consumed. This combination can make the product look potent, valuable, exclusive, etcetera. This, on its own, can attract more customers and increase the number of sales of a specific product. Some other notable benefits include:

  •  Better Security: Due to the nature of the product, cannabis display cases are often similarly engineered to high-end jewelry display cases. Due to extensive regulations, merchandise must remain secure and showcases must be designed to reduce theft – while still allowing accessibility to merchandise or swap inventory. Often, additional layers of protection are included in the design to provide owners with peace of mind of their product on the shop floor after hours. 
  • Most Cases Are Flexible: Different styles of display cases are often used in conjunction with the various styles of consumption methods. The design and engineering of the display cases should provide the ability to adjust shelves and customize how various products are arranged in the space. These combinations, when well-coordinated, make for a unique shopping experience. And we all know, the experience is the differentiating factor in the cannabis market. 
  • More Integrity: Cannabis products (especially concentrates and oils) are particularly susceptible to damage from excessive heat or lights. Using specific glass in showcases can minimize the effects of showroom lights and any other environmental factors that could degrade a product’s integrity. Similarly, lighting inside of the displays which illuminate the product, must be carefully selected to prevent spoiling of the product. 

undefinedShowbest created these custom display cases for the award-winning Common Citizen in Flint, Michigan.

Common Types of Dispensary Display Cases

  • Traditional Display Cases: This case is not designed with any particular product in mind, holds a substantial amount of product, and can be made stationary or moved with casters to a variety of different positions. This display style typically has adjustable interior merchandising hardware, making it fully flexible for any product type. Good examples of traditional display cases are full vision and wall display cases: These both feature tempered glass, LED lighting, and provide a 360-degree view of the showcase interior.
  • Lockable Display Cases:  For retailers who are more concerned with keeping their products safe, especially overnight, lockable display cases are a great addition. There are multiple locking options each with their own ways to reduce the risk of theft and safeguard for more vulnerable inventory. 
  • Custom Display Cases: We frequently create completely custom showcases that are highly unique to a particular product, space, or brand. For example, the below fixture utilizes tether cables connecting the fixture to a pod that holds flower products. 

Custom lighting fixture created for a dispensary client in Arizona.

Overall, dispensary display cases are an excellent way for retailers to show off their products, arranged in an aesthetically appealing way while ensuring their inventory is secure at all times. Many cannabis companies are already leveraging a multitude of custom or semi-custom display cases for visual appeal, flexibility in merchandising, security, and brand recognition. We have created custom fixtures for dispensaries all over the country. If you’re looking to start planning or redesign your dispensary space, reach out and Showbest is happy to help make your ideas come to life!

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