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XpresSpa Launches the First Ever Airline COVID Testing Center in The U.S. with Showbest

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As people begin to slowly enter into the new norms of post-COVID-19 retail and food-service, we at Showbest have been on the hunt to discover new, creative ways to stand out from the PPE currently entering the market with high quality, inventive products. Utilizing existing markets that we thrive in, we managed to reach new customers who align with our core values and are looking to innovate during this time period.

We are proud to announce our partnership with XpresSpa, the first-ever rapid COVID testing center pop-up.

XpresSpa and XpresCheck
XpresSpa, a health and wellness company, is a leading airport retailer that focuses on spa services and quality products for busy travelers. They are established across 50 different locations and in 25 airports around the globe.

A few months ago, XpresSpa reached out to Showbest to manufacture fixtures for their new innovative, full-service COVID-19 screening and testing facility, XpresCheck, within John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). The testing facility is located at the Arrivals Hall at Terminal 4. This is the first COVID testing center developed within an US airport and is open to everyone, including JFK terminal employees, airport workers, contractors, and airline employees.

Some of the notable features this facility includes:

  • Capacity to screen up to 500 people each day
  • Nine different testing rooms that can perform both COVID-19 tests along with antibody tests
  • Tests sent to outside labs, with results are available on-site
  • Acceptance of all insurance plans, even ones outside of the network


Blueprint Design of COVID Testing Center cubicles within JFK Airport


Testing Center Exterior and Cubicles

While many vendors were contacted to participate in this bid, only Showbest can provide the speed and flexibility that this project required. Showbest was able to plan, manufacture, and ship each testing cubicle within 5 days of being notified of the project. After only a few weeks, XpresCheck office was installed at JFK airport and is now ready for testing.

What This Means for The Future
Right now, developers and researchers are analyzing the testing center’s process and effectiveness as a precedent for future testing centers. As always, Showbest is prepared to make improvements as this project evolves. We are excited to see the difference that our fixtures can make in the public’s health with this and future testing centers. If XpresCheck trial runs show the promising future we predict, the team at XpresSpa plans to expand to other major airports in gateway cities so they can benefit from this COVID-19 testing center.


We are very excited to be involved in this endeavor to keep people safe and provide a convenient testing opportunity. Not only does this send a powerful message that airlines are putting the health of their employees and travelers first, but it is also inspiring further innovation for future wellness enhancements.

If your company is looking for creative solutions for enhanced COVID-19 safety, Showbest has you covered. Reach out for custom fixture solutions for your business, or check out our Sneeze Guards, which are now available for purchase on our website.

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