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Cannabis Retail Shop Fixture Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

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The cannabis retail space is evolving in interior design with innovative and creative fixture trends to display products in a unique and appealing way. A well-designed dispensary doesn’t necessarily need flashy displays, but with a well-thought-out design, the shop can appeal to buyers to not only increase sales but also increase the chance for return customers.

The market is extremely competitive, with many new cannabis shops opening every month across the country. Showbest has partnered with local cannabis shops around the country to develop unique displays and fixtures that embrace the brand’s image and marketing image. These cannabis fixture trends have performed well throughout 2022 and will continue to see success in 2023 with timeless modern designs.

Bright Minimalism – A bright and airy retail space without distracting elements can draw attention to products with a sense of curated beauty. Bright minimalism focuses on simple displays with clear casing fitted with LED lighting as a central display within the space. Along the walls, tall glass display shelves elegant feature products without overcrowding. The bright lights allow customers to easily review the products without feeling overwhelmed as they browse the room. The design in Cloud Cannabis perfectly embodies the bright minimalism design for their retail space.

Modern and Masculine – A more modern and masculine look in a cannabis store can bring warmth and comfort to first-time visitors. This trend features moody, dark tones, straight lines, and strong materials making for a dramatic look throughout the cannabis retail space, as seen best in LIV retail stores. Fitted with beautiful fixtures made of metal and glass table displays up front with glass and wood laminate cabinetry to take up wall space and elegantly display products throughout the store. The modern and masculine look elevates the shopping experience for customers.

Maximalism – Maximalism store design features vibrant colors, bold patterns, and optimized space throughout. With maximalism design, the creative use of space is intentional and well-planned while adding more and more products that can draw attention and awe from customers who visit. High Times, an iconic cannabis brand, features bold Pantone colors and creative designs as it’s the brand image. It’s only appropriate to fit them with the bold maximalist interior design for their retail space to fit. The displays throughout feature simple wood fixtures detailed with artwork and painted accents to match the logo.

Using creative retail displays, and custom shop fixtures can rebrand and enhance the image of any business. It’s essential to shy away from the medical feel of many cannabis retail store displays that seem sterile and medical, leaving customers less than welcome as they browse the goods. Gone are the days of simple, unexciting cannabis stores as we welcome an era that brings design and uniqueness to each retail store that customers will truly enjoy making a trip to.

 Whether you’re looking for a redesign and upgrade to your space, Showbest can help you create a plan that fits your brand image and budget. Contact us to see how we can help design your space.

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