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3 Key Features to Add to Your Dispensary Design

Category: Cannabis

With an estimated $22 billion in sales by 2022, the cannabis industry is considered one of the top emerging markets to enter. Standing out among competitors within a booming field can be heavily influenced by the design of the storefront itself. Attracting buying customers to your dispensary can be as simple as spending more time planning out the key features that will entice customers. But what are the key features that every dispensary should include into their design? After building and installing dozens of dispensary displays all over the country, here are our top three picks to include in your dispensary design.

  1. Merchandise Shelving

Whether you’re a well-known brand with a cult following, or a new dispensary looking to expand your audience, merchandise is a great way to increase brand recognition. Creating clean and organized merchandise shelving within your store provides an accessible area to promote and store merchandise for easy customer browsing. We covered this Flint, Michigan Common Citizen location in custom floor-to-ceiling merchandise shelving, providing an extremely practical, yet eye catching display that customers are sure to interact with and remember.

  1. Custom Display Cases 

As the cannabis industry becomes increasingly popular, dispensaries will need to ensure that their storefront can stand up to competitors. For any client looking to make a major impact, we highly recommend custom display cases. Building display cases to fit your exact needs with room to grow your inventory is vital to efficiently and effectively displaying products. This custom display within the Fluresh dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan featured custom cash wraps, back wraps, display cases, and perimeter millwork made of acrylic, laminate, custom powder-coated steel, and glass to display their wide variety of products.

  1. Custom Welcome Desk

One of the most important and high-impact fixtures to invest in for any retail storefront is a custom welcome desk. Positioned at the front of the store, welcome desks serve as a crucial first impression to potential customers. Ensuring that your welcome desk is high-quality and unique will set the expectation for the quality of the product your customers will receive. This custom welcome desk within the Common Citizen, Flint, Michigan location is wrapped in a wood herringbone design with black detailing. Craftsmanship and clean modern design were paramount for Common Citizen’s in-store experience, and we worked to deliver exactly that.

 As cannabis legalization becomes more widespread throughout the U.S., designing a custom experience with these key features will ensure that your dispensary will stand up to its competitors. Showbest is here to help with your display case needs, contact us when you’re ready to start building!

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