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How to Stay Current & Competitive with your Restaurant Design

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With over 50 restaurant projects across 30 states completed, we pride ourselves in creating custom millwork and displays that help restaurant owners around the country cultivate beautiful environments for their guests to enjoy. 

You’d think a good meal was enough to bring crowds of people to a restaurant, right? The process of creating a single restaurant actually requires the hands of hundreds of people from different trades, locations, and specialties. There are many things to consider as restaurants try to differentiate themselves and draw new customers in to withstand the ever-changing and always competitive restaurant industry. 

Why Should Restaurants Care?
Over time, more and more emphasis has been placed on the atmosphere as restaurants evolve and grow in their function as social hubs and destination spots. While food quality is certainly of high importance, a positive, warm, and clean atmosphere is what will draw customers in, set them up to enjoy their meals, and keep them coming back for more. 

Why should restaurants invest in custom displays?
While off-the-shelf restaurant features are likely less expensive than custom work, they often end up feeling uncoordinated. When we design custom restaurant features, we work to encapsulate the spirit and personality of the restaurant as a whole, keeping their menu in mind. Eddie V’s is a popular upscale seafood and steak restaurant that we’ve had the pleasure of working with several times at locations all over the country. To emulate their sophisticated menu and identity, we created 42.5-foot walnut wrapped curved bartops at the backend of their restaurants. This creates an understated but extremely classy and eye-catching hub for guests to gather and socialize while they grab a drink and wait for their table.

Going Custom? What’s Important?
Our main goal in restaurant projects is to create fixtures that people will talk about and remember. Given this, there are a few key features in a restaurant that we ensure are the most eye-catching and impactful:

Host/Hostess Stand
These fixtures are often our most elaborate work as they set the tone for potential customers and passers-by of what the food, interior, and even what their experience will be like. This project inside Eddie V’s in Pittsburgh, PA features a unique host stand that incorporates a stained maple veneer front, stone tabletop, and solid wood tapered legs. Using a variety of textures and materials is our favorite way to make a great first impression. 

The Bar
The bar not only serves as a place for people to gather but is also a great place to house a feature wall. This project inside the Capital Burger in Reston, VA features a glass, metal, and brass custom two-story ladder. While this project was more costly, feature walls can be a great project that can add ambiance to any budget.

Product Displays
If your restaurant also sells a product, an elegant, eye-catching display is essential, and can even help your merchandise to look like an art feature in your space. Cooper’s Hawk, a restaurant chain that we’ve worked to master over the years, had Showbest craft custom double-sided metal and glass wine displays decked out in LED lights for their Naples, Florida location. This project was certainly an engineering and electrical challenge for our team but stands to be one of our most impressive looking builds to date. 

Ready To Make The Leap?
Showbest has worked with a wide variety of clients from high-end restaurants like Earl’s Kitchen + Bar and Capital Grill, to chains such as PF Changs, LongHorn Steakhouse, and Gordon Biersch. Our in-house millwork experts at Showbest have plenty of experience working with restaurants and F&B chains across the country. We cannot wait to help you create the perfect dining experience for your restaurant – no matter how challenging the design. Contact us when you’re ready to upgrade your restaurant!


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