As a leading fixture manufacturer, Showbest Fixture Corp. is committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees, as well as local and global communities as encompassed in our core value:

“We will be good stewards of our company’s and communities’ resources, embracing the responsibilities of corporate citizenship in the communities where our facilities are located”

Showbest Fixture Corp. Core Value


True to our commitment for being a responsible corporate citizen, protecting the environment for our employees, communities and the future, we always aim to not just be compliant with Federal, State and Local environmental regulations, but to exceed them.

Here are just a few of the measures we put in place when we opened our facility in Blackstone, VA:

  • Plant-wide lighting renovation resulting in a 66% reduction in lighting energy
  • New computer controlled HVAC system to reduce energy costs by use of automatic set back of heating and cooling
  • Installation of windows in exterior walls to allow more natural light into work areas
  • New finishing/spray room with a ventilation/filtration system to minimize VOCs
  • Removal of energy inefficient centralized dust collection system
  • Installation of energy efficient small modular dust collection systems dedicated to individual machines  
  • Installing computer based automated processes which resulted in reduced wood waste through optimized woodcutting
  • We only use CARB compliant particleboard
  • All our particleboard and agrifibers are 100% recycled and recovered wood
  • We use water based glues which contain no VOCs
  • The packaging materials for our products are made up of 100% recycled and post-consumer paper products

Our drive for sustainability and a better environment for all doesn’t stop there…..

Sustainable Products

What makes a product contribute to a sustainable environment?  How is the level of sustainability measured?

The attributes that make up a product’s level of sustainability include materials with recycled and recyclable content, responsibly grown/ harvested origin, rapidly renewable properties, biodegradability, low or no VOCs, no added urea formaldehyde and environmentally sensitive, energy efficient manufacturing processes.  In evaluating sustainability, a wide range of recognized designations and certifications provide measurable and verifiable information from third-party certifiers. Navigating this minefield of information is a bit of a dark art, but one that Showbest Fixture Corp. and our sustainable approach to business have honed over more than 4 decades. We work closely with every client to ensure they not just meet state and national regulations but exceed them and meet their own corporate stewardship standards.

Sustainable Culture

Showbest Fixture Corp. understands the importance of providing sustainable solutions for our customers. After nearly 40 years in business we have engineering and supply sources to create fixtures suitable for your sustainable environment or green project. We are proud to have a diverse number of suppliers who can provide us with eco-friendly products and raw materials.

However, to be truly sustainable it is more than just the product that matters, this is backed by the way we do business, and an internal culture that supports our values of working with pride and integrity and being good stewards of our company’s and communities’ resources. The staff within our company are knowledgeable in both sustainable engineering and current regulations and a living, breathing part of that sustainable DNA.

Standards and Regulations

Showbest Fixture Corp. has a long history of driving sustainable practices in the design, sourcing, construction, and installation of retail store fixtures. Some of the standards and regulations which apply to the industry can be difficult to navigate or understand, our accredited professionals are on hand to help ensure your next fixture project is not only compliant with these regulations but that it exceeds your expectations.  A couple of the relevant standards and regulations are detailed below:


The U.S. Green Building Council maintains a check rate listing and building a certifying system called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (also known as LEED).

 Showbest Fixture Corp. is able to provide your LEED® project with finished products that comply with the certifying system. Here are some of the certifying areas our fixtures may assist you in reaching the LEED certification.


CARB: California’s Formaldehyde Air Toxic Control Measure.  Effective January 1, 2009, The California Air Resources Board (CARB) began to regulate formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products (particleboard, MDF, and hardwood plywood) sold in the state or used to make finished goods offered for sale in the state. All materials containing composite wood products must comply with the new regulation.


This article hopefully gives you a taste of the lengths that Showbest Fixture Corp. goes to in order to not just deliver the best fixtures for your retail store but also the best for our environment and the future of our planet. To find out more get in touch today and let’s work together to make things better – Today, Tomorrow, Together.